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Moldavische wijn ’boomt’

Moldavische wijn is in opmars. De exportcijfers laten zien dat er vorig jaar een exportwinst is behaald van 9%. Daarmee werd de hoogste waarde van de laatste 5 jaar geboekt. Die had betrekking op 74% stille wijnen en 20% mousserende

The exports of the Moldovan wine in 2019 have reached the highest level from the last 5 years. According to the figures presented by the National Office of Vine and Wine from Moldova, both the volume of Moldovan wine exports and their value were at the highest level since 2014.

In the year 2019, the Republic of Moldova exported 156 674 million litres of wine, that being 9% more as compared to 2018. The majority of the exported wine products were represented by still wine (94%), while cognac represented just 3% of the total, fortified wines – 2%, and sparkling wines – 1%. The total value of the exported wine amounted 3 086 million lei, that being 9.2% more than in 2018. Still wines generated 74% of total revenues, cognac – 20%, sparkling wines and fortified wines – 3% each.

While trying to expand to new markets such as Afghanistan, Syria, Togo and Guam, some less usual markets such as Australia, Norway and Libya, Moldovan exports were also targeted to some traditional markets such as Romania, Ukraine and Belarus. Throughout 2019, Romania continued to be a strategic market for the Moldovan wine, both by volume of exports and by revenue generated.

At the same time, both bottled wine and bulk wine exports have increased in the last year. For example, the exported quantity of bulk wine from Moldova reached 108,002 million litres in 2019. The main destination for bulk wine exports remained Belarus – 43% of the total exported quantity.

The increase in volumes of bulk wine for export is due to the fact that the grape harvest was above the annual average in 2019.

The figures show that Romania, Poland, Russia, China, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Canada and the USA are the top 10 countries where the Moldovan wine and wine products are exported.


Wine tourism

Moldova started to be more and more remembered as a wine tourism destination all over the world. Such global wine portals as included the country in the top of best wine tourism destinations for 2020.

The portal described Moldova as following:

“This small but perfectly formed nation nestled between Romania and the Ukraine is a beguiling blend of bucolic countryside, magnificent architecture, fascinating history and rural charm. What’s more, Moldova is also the home of some of Europe’s most ancient and fascinating wine culture, home to the biggest underground wine cellar in the world and over 150 wine producers of all shapes and sizes. Moldova’s unspoilt natural beauty, incredible local food and wine alongside world-beating hospitality which makes any visitor feel like a member of the family in a matter of minutes. Providing the warmest of welcomes is so important to Moldovan culture that ‘Be Our Guest’ has become the slogan of the country’s tourism board!”