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Champagne export boomed


Photo by Joao Viegas on Unsplash



Over de hele wereld heeft Champagne het in de export goed gedaan. Onze correspondent meldt stijgingspercentages van 10,8 tot 63,9 %




Champagne shipments experienced a marked leap in certain export markets in 2021 and demand has remained strong through January and February, writes Giles Fallowfield.


There was a boom in export shipments of champagne in 2021, particularly noticeable in certain top ten markets like the USA, up 63.9% in volume and 58.2% in value compared with 2020; the UK, up 40.4% in volume, 48.8% in value; Italy (up 32.8 and 36.3%); Spain (up 26.2 and 32.6%) and Holland (up 36.3 and 33.7%). Demand for champagne has continued strongly in early 2022, indicating that there was very little stock left in the distribution system at the end of 2021, particularly significant in the three tier US distribution system.


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