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Alcohol-effect op lichaam

Wat is het effect van alcohol op de fysieke gesteldheid? Daarover heeft thedrinksbusines actuele informatie verzameld. Die effecten zijn anders bij mannen dan bij vrouwen. En een standaard-hoeveelheid alcohol heeft niet op iedereen dezelfde uitwerking. De meest recente gegevens:


Thedrinksbusines looks in detail at how alcohol affects your body, considering the impact on your blood and your brain, as well as how your age and sex alters your ability to metabolise the intoxicant. As we have previously reported, a number of elements will influence the way in which a person can process alcohol, with key factors including body size and the way in which drink is consumed. Indeed, drawing on information shared with the drinks business last year during a virtual seminar on wine and health, chaired by Alcohol in Moderation’s Helena Conibear, it was shown that a standard amount of alcohol will not result in a standard effect between any two consumers.


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