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12-05-2021 16:29

Nonnen slijten digi-rosé

Vandaag tegen middernacht verwachten Franse nonnen 9000 flessen rosé digitaal te hebben verkocht. Ze kunnen door corona niet op fysieke markten terecht en evenmin op beurzen, zoals de prestigieuze Salon des Vins d’Abbaye in Parijs.


After the cancellation of events such as the prestigious Salon des Vins d’Abbaye in Paris, the resourceful nuns turned to the ordre du jour for vignerons whose usual markets have disappeared during the pandemic: the internet.

The nuns, who have been making their wine for 20 years, have teamed up with communications experts Divine Box. The challenge? To sell 9,000 bottles by midnight this Monday.

“One of the constraints of the rosé world is that everything is done in February-March,” co-founder of Divine Box Côme Besse told French news outlets.

Sister Armel, one of the wine-making nuns, added “Rosé is not a wine to keep. When you produce it, you have to sell it that year, it does not improve over time.”

Wine sales are key to the lives of the abbey’s 47 residents. The revenue provides a significant source of income for the abbey – alongside sales of other produce such as olive oil. “It allows the good sisters to continue to live and the Abbey to prolong its existence,” Sister Armel said.

If you’re interested in sampling the nuns’ rosé, then a box of six bottles will cost you €63.90 (roughly US$70). There are also two reds for sale. You can find out more and make a purchase here.

(Source: Connexion France)