Hoe ‘clean’ is die wijn?


Iedere doorgebroken ‘beroemdheid’ heeft tegenwoordig z’n eigen wijn. En het houdt maar niet op. In de Verenigde Staten is daarom een discussie op gang gekomen over de vraag of professionele wijnschrijvers daar aandacht aan moeten besteden. Vinography doet dat hier wèl. Maar dan in kritische zin. Want zodra de term ‘clean’ valt in de promotie van die wijnen, kan dat grenzen aan misleiding. De website meldt:




Much ado is being made of the latest entry in a long line of celebrity wine brands. Actor Cameron Diaz and entrepreneur Katherine Power have come up with a wine brand called Avaline, which describes itself as offering “clean wine” that the friends describe as “full of natural goodness and free from dozens of unwanted and undisclosed extras.”

The nicely designed, highly commercial bottles of Avaline, conveniently available on wine.com and in 43 states at the time of launch may well be made from certified organic grapes (a great thing) and not use any animal byproducts (something that vegans find important) but describing them as “clean wines” would be entirely laughable if it weren’t such brilliant marketing.

I see two problems with the claim that these are “clean wines.”

Problem #1. Avaline wines are actually just commercially produced organic wines that have several more additives than many small-production winemakers would consider using.


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