Wijnprijs zakt in VS

Omdat in Californië sprake is van een overproductie van druiven, wordt voor de komende tijd een daling van de wijnprijzen verwacht. Tegelijkertijd wordt de producenten aangeraden op te houden met nieuwe aanplant en de opbrengsten te beperken. De televisiezender CNN meldde:



‘The price of American wine is expected to drop to its lowest levels in five years thanks, in part, to a surplus of California grapes.

Combined with a decreased demand for wine, drinkers can expect to get better value for every drop they drink this year. The cheaper prices may even last up to three years.
Rob McMillan, founder of Silicon Valley Bank’s Wine Division and author of the annual State of the Wine Industry report, predicts US wine consumers will enjoy the “best wine retail values in 20 years.”

Vineyards in Northern California began planting thousands of acres of new vines in 2016, and with more efficient harvesting methods, it has led to more bountiful harvests of grapes.

Having more grapes to make wine sounds good, but if there’s not enough demand to support increased production, the surplus grapes go to waste.


To bring the market back into balance, California growers will need to cut down on producing acres of vines.