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12-05-2021 17:09

Camera tegen wijnfraude

WineBid heeft een camera ontwikkeld die met een bereik van 360 graden fraude kan ontdekken op een veiling-website. Eventuele bieders kunnen op die manier vooraf te weten komen op welke wijnen ze veilig een bod kunnen uitbrengen. Wine Searcher bericht:



'A new 360-degree camera function allows prospective bidders to get a clearer picture at one online auction site. One of the major battlefields in the war on wine fraud is the auction market – and that's where one online specialist is aiming to make life harder for the fakers by making things a little clearer for the buyer. WineBid has added a capability to see full 360-degree bottleshots (360Bottleshot) on select wines listed on the sales site. The new digital imaging technology allows bidders to rotate and zoom bottle images directly in the browser or mobile app, without having to download plugins or other viewers. The idea is to help potential buyers make more informed buying decisions. WineBid's 360Bottleshot feature provides 900 x 2500 high-resolution images, and works instantly in the browser and mobile app, without any plugins or other viewers required. The impetus for the move came from both sides of the auction equation; sales and account managers working on behalf of consignors wanted something that would reassure buyers, while buyer feedback also pointed to a desire for a more robust evaluation process.


Wine fraud and counterfeit bottles present a major issue for collectors and investors. Leading wine fraud campaigner Maureen Downey estimates that as many as one in five bottles in the fine wine category could be fakes. "We don't really see a lot of fraud," WineBid-manager Roche said. "But this is another way of ensuring against it. And our assessors are WSET-trained and really go through the inspection process thoroughly." It's going down well so far with customers. One of the reactions: “ It feels like I'm able to inspect the bottles up close in person. The rotation and zoom let me look at label and capsule conditions, and get a great feel for the condition the bottles are in. It's one more thing that makes me feel confident when bidding in the auction for exactly what I’m looking for."