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24-02-2020 09:16

Maucaillou: boete voor bedrog

Soms vraag je je af wat te goeder naam en faam bekende Franse châteaus bezielt om toch maar met wijn te gaan knoeien. Vroeg of laat lopen ze tegen de lamp. Dat is ook het geval met Château Maucaillou in de appellation Moulis-en-Médoc. Dat kreeg forse boetes opgelegd voor misleiding. In de flessen zat niet de wijn die het etiket suggereerde. La Revue du vin de France meldde:



The company, Les Notables de Maucaillou, was sentenced by the Bordeaux Criminal Court to a fine of €200,000 ($220,000), and its president, who owns the Château Maucaillou in the Moulis-en-Médoc appellation, was sentenced to €20,000 in fines, of which €10,000 was suspended.


The trading company and its president will also have to jointly pay sums of up to €1000 in compensation to the civil parties: the Federation des grands vins de Bordeaux and the INAO.


Different grapes

The company was accused of having put on sale – between 2015 and September 2019 – bottles of wine not made from grapes grown in Château Maucaillou's vineyards, but carrying images, both on the label and on their website, which could cause confusion for the consumer, with a representation of the château and other terms suggesting that the wine came from the château.


The bottles were not of the château's grand vin. The wine in question, Le Bordeaux de Maucaillou, a Bordeaux Supérieur wine from the same company, is today marketed under the name Le B par Maucaillou, with a different design. The decision was important, said a source familiar with the matter, because it is the first time that a château had been condemned, as a result of the actions of a trading company linked to it for, as the court said, "deceptive commercial practices having marketed under its brand wines which did not come from the property and using the name of an appellation which it does not traditionally produce".