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De superrijke tweeling David en Frederic Barclay heeft ondervonden op het eiland Sark niet straffeloos z'n gang te kunnen gaan. Vandalen vernielden daar uit protest tegen uitbreiding van de wijnactiviteiten zo’n 40.000 wijnstokken.De boeren daar voelen zich bedreigd omdat de broers, eigenaar van de Daily Telegraph en de Ritz-hotel, een steeds groter deel van het eiland naasten. De Britse collega’s melden:


“The wine estate on the Channel Island of Sark, belonging to billionaire brothers the Barclays, has been vandalised by local protestors.

According to initial press reports, the perpetrators sabotaged at least 40,000 of the brother's 100,000-strong vine stock by cutting the wires that supported the young vines.


The attack occurred early Saturday (3 November) morning, just hours before an official resident protest took place against the twins’ plan to convert 36 of the 74 hectares of land they own on Sark into vineyards.


Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay, owners of the Daily Telegraph and London’s Ritz hotel, and on the point of closing a deal to take over the Savoy Group, the owner of Claridge’s, planted some 11ha of vineyards on Sark in 2009, as well as planting a small plot on the Island of Brecqhou, where they live.


Residents, and Sark’s Agriculture and Environment Committee, are embroiled in a bitter dispute with the Barclays, claiming the twins are attempting a corporate takeover of the semi-autonomous island. They already own one quarter of the land, and it is claimed they have planted or are going to plant vines on 31 fields, depriving farmers of their livelihood”.