France keeps Wine Crown

A Wine-Searcher presentation in Paris had good news for French exporters.


Despite all the challenges facing the French wine industry, producers there have one reason to be cheerful at least – their wines are still the most popular on the planet.

Data from Wine-Searcher's comprehensive database presented at the Wine Paris exhibition in France showed that rumours of French wine's demise at the hands of New World competitors are greatly exaggerated, advertising and key accounts manager Nicholas Oakes told his audience of mostly French wine professionals.

In the 12 months to January 31, 2019, French wines accounted for 31 percent of all 4,179,908 bottle-size wine offers listed on Wine-Searcher, a number that has remained remarkably steady across the past five years. Of the more than 156 million wine searches made by users in the same time frame, almost 75m, or 48 percent, were looking for French wines.

The largest market for French wine is the US; this is a result of Wine-Searcher listing more offers from the US than from anywhere else. Despite the level of loyalty to the domestic industry in the US, French wines account for 426,537 offers, or 22 percent of the total listed in the US. By comparison, its next market is its home country, where there are relatively few offers – 212,271 – but French listings make up 92 percent of the total. The next largest markets in terms of wines on offer are Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland.

When it comes to interest in French wine, the US once more dominates – again a result of the sheer number of searches from the US. One in three searches for wine stateside are for French wines, comfortably outstripping the number of wine offers listed.

Comparing offers with searches, Hong Kong is the most balanced market, with 73 percent of all searches being for French wines, while 72 percent of listings are from France.