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23-04-2019 16:34

Soave world heritage

Soave is a World Heritage Site for Agriculture, the first in Italy linked to viniculture, and recognized by FAO’s scientific committee, which has made Soave the 53rd World Site recognized as Patrimony of Humanity in agriculture according to the GIAHS program - Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems.



The Soave Consortium started the process ten years ago, through studies, publications and other recognitions, such as Primo Paesaggio Storico Rurale Italiano, now sealed by a recognition that will protect, as heritage of humanity, the distinctive features of the territory where Venetian white was created, as well as the Veronese pergola, the hydraulic system made of dry stone walls and terracing (recognized, among others, also by UNESCO as an intangible heritage), the drying process and Recioto of Soave.


And further, the social organization made up of 3.000 winemakers gathered in a proper cooperative, where every day they deal with the difficulties of cultivating grapes growing on the volcanic and calcareous soils of the denomination. Values and traditions, hundreds of years old, have been handed down from generation to generation and are still alive today, carried forward by young people who are just entering this world.