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16-01-2019 00:48

Schandaal rond wijn-examen

In een persbericht van de Court of Master Sommeliers is gisteren bekend gemaakt dat alle resultaten van het mastersexamen ongeldig zijn verklaard omdat er informatie over de te proeven wijnen was uitgelekt. Als schuldige werd een van de masters aangewezen die bij de organisatie van het examen is betrokken. De Court heeft een wereldreputatie te verliezen. Daarom is deze maatregel genomen, aldus Court-voorzitter Devon Broglie.



“The Court of Master Sommeliers put out a press release yesterday, saying that its board had unanimously voted to invalidate the results of the tasting after evidence emerged that one of the Masters involved in the procedure had leaked information of which wines were to be included in the tasting flight.



"Maintaining the integrity of the examination process must be our highest priority, lest we risk diminishing the value of, and the respect earned from, becoming a Master Sommelier," chairman Devon Broglie MS said. "Our credential is known throughout the hospitality industry worldwide, and it guarantees that the holder of the Master Sommelier title is among the most qualified of all wine industry professionals. A compromised examination does not provide that guarantee."


"We understand this decision is a shock to those who recently passed this examination, and we carefully considered the impact our decision has on our newly pinned Masters and their careers," Broglie said. "We are committed to developing an expedited process so that all eligible candidates can retake the tasting examination."


The Court said it would refund all fees collected for the tasting portion of the exam, and hold two retesting opportunities, one before the end of this year and another during the spring or early summer of 2019. Candidates could choose either retest opportunity or could take the retest during the regularly scheduled examination program in 2019. The examination fee for the retest would be waived, and assistance with travel costs would also be available where appropriate.


Tough day

"Yesterday was a tough day for everyone in the Court of Master Sommeliers, but especially for those who passed the voided tasting examination in September. There are no words I can say that will take away the disappointment and anger that our candidates are feeling today," Broglie said. "I can only imagine how hard it hit everyone to learn that something they worked so hard for was tainted by the actions of a single individual. We ask for patience as we work through the details of giving our candidates a choice of when and where they will take their retests."

Those most directly affected are the 23 people who thought they had just earned the title Master Sommelier. The final exam is the culmination of years of effort on behalf of candidates and only 274 people hold the title.

(Source: Wine-Searcher)