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01-10-2020 22:21

‘Jezus dronk, dus ik ook´

Een dronken vrouw in New York heeft zich bij de politie verdedigd met de uitspraak: ‘Jezus dronk, dus ik ook’. De vrouw werd slapend achter het stuur van haar auto aangetroffen. De motor liep en de lampen brandden. Ze dronk eerst sangria en ging daarna aan de wijn. Wij lazen in The New York Post:

´After allegedly boozing behind the wheel Sunday night, Nicole Ann Mintner defended herself to police by telling arresting officers that “Jesus drank wine and so did I,” The Village News reported.


Deputies said they found the 45-year-old asleep at the wheel inside a silver Dodge with her hazard lights activated and engine running in Sumter County, Fla.


During police interviews, Mintner reportedly refused to take off her sunglasses and slapped an officer twice on the shoulder.


She told officers that she had taken Xanax then later admitted to drinking alcohol after four empty sangria bottles were found in her center console.


Mintner was placed under arrest and into the back of a patrol car where she “continuously” screamed and threatened to urinate while en route to Sumter County Detention Center, according to deputies.


When they arrived at the jail, officers attempted to perform field sobriety tests on Minter but she kept talking over them and began singing “Amazing Grace,” according to the Village News.


She also reportedly threw her socks at a camera recording the tests and exposed herself to the officers.


“The defendant removed her right breast from her shirt and completely revealed it to the camera and jail staff,” according to the police report obtained by the newspaper.


Mintner was booked on charges of driving under the influence, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer. She was released Mon $6,000 bond, according to court records.


(Source: New York Post)