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Château Lagorce verkocht

Château de Lagorce in Targon, Bordeaux-regio, is verkocht aan het Chinese SCEA Degore voor en on bekend bedrag. Het Wijngoed omvat 43 hectare wijngaard. De vorige eigenaar, chemisch ingenieur René Mazeau heeft sinds hij in 1985 aantrad de kwaliteit van de wijn en de wijnbouwmethodiek aanmerkelijk verbeterd. Het wijnbedrijf is gevestigd in een voormalige kerk die dateert uit het Gallo-Romeins tijdperk. The drinksbusiness meldt verder:


“Mazeau was a pioneer in vine training methods, of drainage, of maintaining grass in between the rows of vines and heating the grape juice for the first maceration.


The vineyards are planted with Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and existing contracts with customers will be maintained although the focus of the new owners will of course be on China.


Mr Lin, director of investments for SCEA Degore, commented: “We were looking for a vineyard which had a large surface area so as to have a good level of production. We intend to distribute the wines to the existing clients as well as our outlets in China.”


Benjamin Mazeau added: “I am very attached to this property having spent my whole life here. I am pleased that my existing team will continue to look after Château de Lagorce with an excellent new director and I will be assisting in this transition over the coming months.”


Despite competition from New World wines, Bordeaux remains the foremost reference point of wine for the vast majority of Chinese drinkers. In 2017, Bordeaux exported a total of €397 million worth of wine to China, which accounted for 20% of its export value, according to figures released by the CIVB.


Asia has already grown to be its biggest export market, responsible for 45% of Bordeaux’s export value last year, ahead of the EU (33%) and North America (13%).


The region exported 290 million bottles of wine last year worth about €2.02 billion”.