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16-08-2018 23:12

Wijntech rukt snel op

Kunstmatige Intelligentie, oftewel Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) gaat de wijnwereld opschudden. Het koop- en waarderingsgedrag van wijndrinkers zal er aanzienlijk door worden beïnvloed. Betekent dat dan ook dat we onze greep op de sector gaan verliezen. Liza Zimmerman gaat daar dieper op in voor Wine-Searcher.


“That experience of test-driving a Tesla via a computer screen is coming to the wine world. In fact, it is already in play on a number of winery sites where visitors can take in 360-views of vineyards and look at great winery photography with superimposed data or graphics.


The field of artificial intelligence (AI) – and its siblings, augmented and virtual reality – is rapidly expanding and changing how consumers perceive and purchase many products, including wine, according to Phil Van Allen, a professor of graduate media design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He gave a seminar at the 2018 Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium (DTCWS), held just outside of San Francisco this month.


He opened his presentation by sharing his belief that an avalanche of new technology is about to unfold on the wine business, whether executives are ready to address and work with it productively or not. Its scope is also going to be way beyond that of the simple response format of an Alexa or Siri he said, referring to Amazon and iPhone's respective virtual assistants.


The skinny on the future

Some of this technology is already broadly in use by many sectors of the wine business, said Van Allen. These include sensors to monitor water levels and pesticide use which can represent significant savings for wineries. Château La Coste in Southern France is also using the same drone technology that race cars use to preview a ride to provide online visitors with 360° views of its vineyards on its website.

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