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Wine trends 2018

At this time of year, it is popular to try to figure out new trends for the coming year. It’s hard, but on the other hand, you can almost say anything because who can say you’re wrong?

Jean-Philippe Perrouty from Wine Intelligence recently spoke to a group of wine producers in the Loire Valley. He believes that there are three ongoing trends that will be strengthened in the coming years:

*Consumers’ desire to be surprised,
*their demands for lighter wines with lower alcoholic strength and
*the importance of sustainability and ethics.

Wine consumers today, he thinks, want diversity and novelty. According to Wine Intelligences investigations, 57% of US wine consumers say they regularly want to discover new wines.

Low-alcohol wines are apparently a well-established trend. In 2016, 52% of British consumers considered alcohol content an important factor when they chose wine, up from 44% in 2013. And we guess it is the lower levels they prefer even if we do not know how the question was asked.

( Sources: mon-viti.com/ Britt Karlson)