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Hoe wijnsmaak verandert

Wijnsmaak verandert. Het kan zijn dat het bij jou al gebeurd is. Anderen moet het nog overkomen. Daar zijn allerlei redenen voor. Dat het alleen met ziekte of medicijngebruik te maken zou hebben is onzin. Wine Folly gaat er dieper op in:


The Evolution of Your Wine Palate (Funny, But True)

Regardless of how you found your way into wine, you’re here now! Thank goodness. Of course, wine drinking is very much a journey itself, and it’s quite likely that your wine palate will change over time. This type of taste evolution has no doubt already happened once in your life. For example, remember how you once loved strawberry milk, but now you drink black coffee for breakfast? (You know who you are!) It’s kind of like that

It’s time to pay a little homage to each step of our wine palate evolution, from beginner to enthusiast. Ironically, once you get to the end, you’ll find yourself back at the beginning.

Find out where your wine palate fits in the grand scheme of taste.

If you’re coming to wine from the world of gin and vodka cocktails, chances are your wine palate will prefer sweet white and rosé wines. On the surface, these wines are straight-forward and easy to understand with big, obvious, fruity aromas, and sweet-tart flavors.

Oddly enough, sweet wines are not just for beginners. Almost every Master Sommelier and Master of Wine has, at some point, outwardly professed their love for sweet white wines, including German Riesling, Hungarian Tokaji, and even Vin Santo. So, don’t let wine snobs haze you.

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