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Weer wijngaard beroofd

Ook in Zwitserland hebben dieven weer een wijngaard geplunderd. Bij Weingut Hämmerli Ins verdwenen 300 kilo pinot noir en 400 kilo chasselas van de wijnstokken. De boeven opereerden vanaf de straatkant en knipten dwars door het net waarmee de druiven waren afgedekt, meldt The Local.


It is the first time that a grape theft has been reported in the region of lake Biel, according to Bern cantonal police.


It follows a theft if around seven tonnes of grapes from vineyards in Bordeaux mid-harvest, which disappeared from a vineyard in Génissac near the Saint Émilion region. A further 600-700 kilograms of grapes were stolen from a vineyard in Pomerol, with thieves going so far as to uproot 500 vines completely from a vineyard in nearby Montagne. A fourth grape robbery took place in Lalande-de-Pomerol, according to local press.


Thefts such as these are a double blow for producers in Europe who are already suffering one of the lowest yielding harvests in the country’s history.


Extreme weather, including heavy hailstorms, hard frosts and drought, has pushed the EU wine grape harvest to an historic low in 2017, with the EU Commission stating in October that “most of the wine-growing regions in Europe are expecting a very low harvest in 2017”.


In Switzerland, vintners have battled frost and hail, like much of Europe, reducing this year’s harvest significantly.