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Begraven Brouilly beter

Drie vaten Brouilly die bij wijze van experiment 18 maanden ondergronds zijn geweest, bleken na opgraving een betere kwaliteit wijn te bevatten dan vergelijkbare monsters van bovengronds bewaarde wijnen. Dat meldt Franceinfo. Het ging om de jaargang 2015: een blend waarvoor vier verschillende bedrijven de wijnen leverden, een wijn van de Vignerons de Bel Air en een Brouilly van Château de Pierreux.

Three barrels of Beaujolais that were buried in the soil of Mt Brouilly as part of an experiment have been dug up and the wines judged to be “magnificent”.

The three barrels were dug up on 16 October having lain for 554 days (18 months) underground since they were buried in April 2016.

The barrels were unearthed from a spot at Mount Brouilly Belvedere early in the morning, an excavator digging down the two and a half metres to where the casks lay.

The Côte de Brouilly was described as having “more finesse and elegance” than the control sample, the Brouilly is apparently full of “black fruit and fine spicy notes” and the Château Pierreux is, “dense, profound and spicy”.

Sommelier Christian Martray who was on hand to taste the wines said: “The experiment has been a positive one, there is intensity, juicy fruit, and the wine has kept all its freshness and youth; it reveals a new dimension, magnificent.”

The idea behind the experiment was apparently partly inspired by tales of ancient nomads who used to bury their wine and also to see if being enclosed in the area’s unique soil would affect the wine – presumably by completely cutting off its supply of oxygen.

(Bron: Franceinfo)