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Minder maar beter

De Fransen zijn minder wijn en andere alcoholica gaan drinken, maar geven er meer aan uit dan voorheen. Dat zegt het ‘Barometer-report 2015 on consumption of alcoholic drinks in France’, uitgebracht door Entreprise & Prévention. Per hoofd wordt er gemiddeld 2.3 liter minder geconsumeerd en 26 euro meer aan uitgegeven. De collega’s melden:


‘Entreprise & Prévention bases its report on data from Kantar Worldpanel, revealing a decline in alcohol consumption concurrent with an increase in spend. Entreprise & Prévention concludes that the French are drinking “less but better”. The association’s managing director, Alexis Capitant, therefore believes that an alcohol abuse prevention policy should target “casual abuse and the related risks, by improving awareness of safe drinking levels for example”. Vin & Société is currently putting together a new campaign along those lines and preparing to roll it out.

Less than one in two Horeca clients drinks alcohol.
Based on data from the Crest panel by NPD Group, the barometer confirms that footfall is continuing to decline in bars, cafés, restaurants and discotheques. Furthermore, only 43.9% of patrons order an alcoholic drink, an all-time low.


Based on a study by Ifop into frequency of use, the barometer reveals that 12% of the French drink daily. Most of them are older consumers and male. Most of the French drink weekly (32%) or monthly (24%). One noteworthy fact is that virtually all French households bought alcohol at least once during the year.