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Cabernet sauvignon op één

Wat is de meest aangeplant druif in de wereld? De Chinese kyoho. Maar dat is een tafeldruif. Gaat het om wijnproductie dan wint de cabernet sauvignon. Wereldwijd zijn er meer dan 10.000 variëteiten. De airen is lange tijd de meest voorkomende druif op de aardbol geweest. Maar die is nu nog nummer één onder de witte variëteiten. Op de wereldranglijst neemt het ras een zesde plaats in. Uit cijfers van de wereldwijnorganisatie OIV blijkt:


There are more than 10,000 varieties of grapevine known in the world and only 33 of them make half of the world area planted according to the OIV report "Varieties of grapes distributed in the world" of 2017. Kyoho is the most planted grape variety in the world. This is a Chinese table grape varietal which covers an area of about 365 thousand hectares and represents 44% of China's vineyard surface area.


The Cabernet Sauvignon is very close, being the most widely planted vitis vinifera variety in the world. It is spread practically all over the globe and makes over 340 thousand hectares of vineyards. The third place is goes to another table grape called Sultanina (Thompson Seedless in the United States) that is widespread in all continents. Its benefit to produce fruits without seeds makes it ideal for raisin production. The Merlot is positioned in the 4th place with 266 thousand hectares that are basically in the same countries as the Cabernet Sauvignon and it is worthy to mention that it is the most planted grape in France.

Alleen in Spanje

The Spanish grape Tempranillo, is in the 5th place with 231 thousand of hectares where 204,750 are found just in Spain. The same situation happens with the Airen variety that is almost endemic of the Iberian peninsula, although the greatest part of their wines are used for the distillation. In any way Airen is the white grape of vitis vinífera most planted in the world followed closely by the Chardonnay that reaches the 7th position. This French variety has earned the affection of the winegrowers of all around the world due to its workability and its production of wine quality even under the most unfavorable conditions. It is noteworthy that it is the grape for wine production most widespread in the United States and well valued, of course, in France.


The grape Syrah or Shiraz has gained popularity in the recent years and today is well spread in the majority of wine-producing countries reaching 190 thousand hectares around the world. It is followed by the Grenache (Garnacha in Spain) that increase the surface area especially in the new world countries as Australia, United States, Chile and Mexico. Finally in the 10th position is the Red Globe, another table grape appreciated for its great vigor (good production in terms of quantity), is also highly valued in supermarkets for its attractive size and color.


The honorable mentions are for the Sauvignon Blanc, with 121 thousand hectares. Pinot Noir with 115 thousand hectares, and the Trebbiano with 111 thousand according to the report of the OIV who also shows that Italy is the country with the greatest diversity of grape varieties. Undoubtedly, it is a report that helps us to realize which grapes are nobler because of their easy adaptation and taste of the consumers.